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Bella was thrilled with her cake and Mikka helped her eat it, too!


Reo just loved his 1st Birthday cake!


Small Cupcake made by special request


Spirit was 15 and loved to sit in the water at the beach. They were thrilled with the result.


Oreo loved his tuna/cream cheese Cat Cake!


Bruno's 3rd Birthday Sheet Cake

"Anne, you do GOOD work. I'll definitely be back for more."


                               Dante's Cake

                       "Hey, what's this?"

"Well, it smells good ...

may as well give it a try"

               "How'd you guys get in on this?"


"Dante is 1 today so we had a little doggie cake for him.  He shared very well - even the cat got a bit."  Melissa







  "Max loved the cake and the other dogs had a great time at the party." He kept his hat and birthday scrunchie on, like a good birthday boy.





"Our dogs had such a good time at Max's party  and really enjoyed the mini-muffins and take home bags."





Hi Anne thanks again for Madison's Cake She loved it.I
have attached a couple of pictures of her enjoying it.
(We had to help her portion control or she would have
eaten the whole thing in 1 bite.)




Carter absolutely loved his birthday cake and card from Boomer. Here are some pictures that I took. He immediately knew the cake was for him and he jumped up on the chair and devoured it before anyone else got a chance to take it from him.

Thanks so much for such a great job!





Clancy loved the treats you made for him.

It took a few shots to get these pictures because he snarfed them down so fast ... the treats were gone before I could take the pic. hahaha.



I finally developed tis picture of our grandog's birthday party with him enjoying his cake you made for him. Sorry there isn't a better shot of the cake. I assure you Paisley ate the whole thing himself. See you soon!

Bad Boy loves the French Fries so much we had to stop him from eating them. He kept begging for more and was mad when we put the treats away.

Snoop absolutely loves all your treats. She suffers from a bowel problem and is sensitive to treats but has no side effects at all from your treats. She looks at me as the "treat man" when I come in. We all love your treats and hope to promote your business for you!



"We only feed our dog the healthiest and very best quality foods.  After I gave her one of your cookies, she kept nudging at me, demanding more.  She knows good food when she tastes it.  She just loves your cookies!"


Morrissey loves his snap pack treats. We'll be back soon for more.


Boomer's Pet Treats are the only treats my dog will eat.  She especially likes the Chicken and Chips, the Garlic Bones and the Parmesan Croissants.

The girls LOVES the treats!!! The soft texture is perfect for them, although the crunchy ones were fine, too.  They really, really like them.  I will definitely order some more!

These treats are so good humans can eat them, too - and I do!  The croissants are great with morning coffee!!  Smidgie and Muffy love them all - and my cats really like the Diamonds and Pearls.

Thank you so much!  Our dogs loved your treats.  They smelled so good and fresh, I was tempted to take a nibble but Delia gobbled them all up before I had the chance!

Your treats are packaged so nicely and look so yummy!.  My dog ate them all and so quickly that I couldn't tell which ones she preferred.

My sister's dogs woolfed down your treats and she thought the packaging was so cute!  The cat also really enjoyed the Diamonds and Pearls and the Fish and Chips!  Thanks!

Ben is so protective of his treats that he won't let the cats near them!  Cocker's are like that, you know!

Shadow enjoyed the biscuits very much. One whiff and I knew she was hooked. Will order some more soon. I'm sure it won't be too long before the loads of goodies I brought back from Canada are gone, too.

The dog bone cake was a huge hit at the party! The dogs loved it and we had such a good time. I will definitely be back for more!

    Boomer's Pet Treats, 19 King George Road, Brantford, Ontario, N3R 5J8 - Canada
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